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Get Back On Your Feet! What Every Injured and Ill Person Needs to Know

by Deborah L. Ribis, RN CNLCP

Avoid the insurance, medical and bureaucratic pitfalls associated with an injury or illness

This book is intended to provide each person with the tools they will need to interact with the healthcare, insurance, legal and rehabilitation industry when a medical, disability or workers’ compensation claim is filed.

Every provider should be working as a part of a multidisciplinary system, with the goal of maximizing each patients' medical outcomes. When the various members of the healthcare team act within their own vacuum, the care and outcomes for the individual patient are compromised.

Get Back On Your Feet is a comprehensive guide which aids anyone seeking care within the system. It gives each person the opportunity to have the information they will need to obtain the maximum benefits afforded to them under each system. It also provides guidance to aid the individual when obstacles and problems hinder their progress or threaten their overall well-being.

This book has been written by a seasoned professional registered nurse with over twenty-three years of experience dealing with the emergency and critical healthcare, workers’ compensation, disability, case management and insurance systems.

Since we all experience injury or illness at some point in life, this book is a must-have addition to your home library!

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